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Swan Lake The Hermitage theatre

Swan Lake Alexandrinsky theatre
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The Hermitage Theatre
Swan lake

Ballet in 3 acts

Music: Petr Tchaikovsky

Libretto: Vladimir Begichev, Vasily Geltzer

Choreography: Marius Petipa


Prince Siegfried is celebrating his coming of age. His friends have come together in castle to congratulate him. The Princess, his mother, is not very pleased about her son's way of life. She decides to make him marry.

It distresses the Prince. The marriage will change his thoughtless life. Siegfried tries to imagine the girl whom he could fall in love with. But where is she, the girl of his dream?

His friends' amusements don't interest him any more. The swan flock passing attracts his attention. He carries away his friends for hunting.


White swans are beautiful girls bewitched by the evil spirit Rothbart. Only at night they can become girls again.

On the lakeshore Siegfried meets their Queen, Odette. Her beauty strikes him; he offers undying love to her. Sole sincere and faithful feeling could break Rothbart's spell.

Day is breaking. The girls must assume the forms of swans. Siegfried is sure that he is able to save Odette and swan maidens.


At a ball princesses are presented to Siegfried: he must choose a bride among them. At the height of the ball Rothbart appears, disguised as a nobleman bringing with him his daughter, Odile resembling remarkably swans' Queen. Siegfried swears his love for her and announces his decision to marry Odile.

The evil magician triumphs. Siegfried's oath is broken and Odette with her maidens will be lost. Odile and Rothbart disappear.

Siegfried senses Rothbart's trickery and rushes from the palace in search of Odette.


At the lakeside, the swan maidens are in despair their hope for salvation is lost. Rothbart summons up a storm and clouds to disguise the lake and hide the swan maidens. But Siegfried remains true to his love for Odette, and they swear their eternal fidelity. Rothbart dies and the lovers unite in happiness.


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Swan lake

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