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Saint-Petersburg Theatres | The Mussorgsky (Mikhailovsky) Opera and Ballet Theatre playbill | Toska

The Mussorgsky (Mikhailovsky) Opera and Ballet Theatre


The church in Rome. Revolutioneer Angelotty escaped from the prison is hiding in the church chapel from the persecution of the Rome police. His friend and like minded person artist Kavaradossi helps him ardently, showing him secret way to his house.
Angelotty escape is opened. Having learnt that revolutioneer is hiding in the church, baron Scarpia, the chief of the secret police, came here with his retinue for the search. He suspects that artist is involved in concealment of Angelotty and wants to know where fugitive is from Kavaradossi love (sweet-heart) singer Floria Toska whom the policemen are ordered to spy on. Scarpia obtains not only dangerous rebel catching – the chief of the police has another aim. Impudent, cruel, voluptuous he described to possess Toska anyhow. He sets Toska against he beloved rousing her jealosy - he assures that in church Kavaradossi meets marquise Attavanti, who is very like Magdalina, painted by the artist. Evidence of the accusation is present – it is fan, lost by the marquise in the church. Angry Toska swears to revenge upon for. Scarpia celebrates realisation of his perfidious intention is coming.
The room of Scarpia in the palace. Scarpia got his rival away – Kavaradossi was arrested as Angelotty accomplice. But policemen couldn’t catch the revolutioneer himself. During interrogation where Angelotty is, Toska, whom Scarpia sent for, hears lovers groan, she can’t stand his torment and confesses that revolutioneer is hidden in the garden.
Kavaradossi is taken to prison and waits for an execution. Scarpia agrees to pardon his victim only on the price of Toska love. Supplications are to no purpose – the monster is inflexible and poor woman has to agree.
Scarpia promises Toska to free the arrested man. But before a scene of execution must be performed – there will be an order to shoot blank cartridges. Because of the Toska persistence Scarpia signs a pass for her and Kavaradossi to let them ride from Rome and then comes to Toska intended to embrace her. In this very moment Toska stabs the villain with the dagger.
A ground on the tower of the castle. An hour is left before Kavaradossi will be executed. Thoughts about his recent happiness grief and despair tear the soul of the prisoner up. “Oh, sweet memories, - writes he to Toska, - everything vanished like a soft smoke...My time has come and now I am dying...But I never longed for life so”.
Suddenly Toska appears and an idea of salvation comes with her. Kavaradossi is free! A carriage is waiting for him and Toska. But before that a ceremony of execution comes. Soldier’s line up a volley is fired. But Scarpia’s promises turns to be perfidious: live cartridges did a shoot. Kavaradossi is killed.

Theatre address: Iskusstv sq., 1
Show begins at 7 p.m.
Duration: Musical drama in 3 acts

Libretto on the plot of V. Sardu’s drama of the same name
written by D. Jakosa and L. Illika


Unfortunately this performance is not on stage now

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