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Saint-Petersburg Theatres | The Mussorgsky (Mikhailovsky) Opera and Ballet Theatre playbill | Prince Igor

The Mussorgsky (Mikhailovsky) Opera and Ballet Theatre
Prince Igor


There is ancient Russian city, Putivl. An army headed by the prince Igor start campaign against Polovtsian. People greet him solemnly. Suddenly the darkness falls on the earth Ė a solar eclipse begins. Afraid of this bad prophecy, people and boyars dissuade Igor from the campaign, his wife Jaroslavna implores him to stay at home. Igor is inflexible. Having entrusted his wife to her brother Vladimir Galisky, he leads armed force to the battle with enemy.
Galisky took an advantage of Igorís departure. He drinks and commits outrages with menials. Galisky dreams about becoming prince of Putivl, and now he oppresses inhabitants.
Boyars bring bad news: all hosts had died in unequal battle, Igor was wounded and his son was taken prisoners and hordes of Polovtsian come to the city. Alarm is sounded, and everybody rushes to protect the city.
Evening in the Polovtsian camp. Igor appears in deep thoughts. His loyal Ovlur offers him to escape. Igor dreams to break away from the captivity but he hesitates of is not for Russian prince to escape secretly. His generosity and courage delight warlike Han Konchak. He invites Igor as a dear and honourable guest. Han is ready to return Igor to his fatherland if he give a swear not to take a sword against Polovtsian. But Igor tells bravely that if he get liberty he will gather an army again. Hanís army returns with rich loot. Having known about the trouble in native Putivl, Igor decides to escape and then the drunken guards fall asleep make arrangement with Ovlur. The daughter of Han Ė Konchakovna, implores Vladimir not to live her. In the soul of the princeís son love is lighting with a feeling of duty. Konchakovna wakes up the sleeping camp and detains Vladimir, Igor succeeds in escaping. Angry Hanís demands to kill Vladimir but Konchak declare him son-in-a-law.
Early in the morning on the city wall of Putivl Jaroslavna cries bitterly. She appeals to the wind, son of Dnieper with request to return her Igor. Horsemen appear on the distance. It is Igor accompanied by Ovlur. People greet and glorify Igor.

Theatre address: Iskusstv sq., 1
Show begins at 7 p.m.
Duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes, 2 acts
Performed in Russian

Music by A.P.Borodin
Libretto by A.P.Borodin


Unfortunately this performance is not on stage now

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