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Saint-Petersburg Theatres | The Mariinsky (Kirov Ballet) Theatre playbill | Spartak

The Mariinsky (Kirov Ballet) Theatre


Action THE I

picture 1
invasion the loss of peaceful life bear the legions of the Roman empire, headed by cruel and insidious Crassus. Seized by it into the captivity people of obrecheny to the servitude. Among them - Spartacus. The monologue of Spartacus in Spartacus they took away freedom, but it cannot be subdued to this. Proud and courageous person, it not myslit its life in the servitude.
Picture 2
market of the slaves of prisoners they chase for the market for slaves. By force tyuey razluchayut men and women, including Spartacus with The the frigiyey. Spartacus protests against the inhumanity of Romans. But forces are not equal. The monologue Of frigii Of frigiya is sad about the utrachennom happiness, with the horror thinking about the the predstoyashchikh by it tests.
Picture 3
orgies in Krasa of Mima and courtesan they entertain guests, amusing above The frigiyey, new slave of Crassus. Courtesan To eginu nastorazhivayet its interest in the young girl. And it vovlekayet Crassus into the furious dance. At the heighth of orgy Crassus orders to lead gladiators. They must be beaten to death in the helmets without the eye sockets, not vidya of each other. The helmet is removed from that conquered. This Spartacus. Spartacusís monologue Spartacus in the desperation - it became the involuntary killer of its comrade. Tragedy wakes up in it anger and desire to protest. Spartacus makes the decision to fight for the freedom.
Picture 4
barracks of gladiators Spartacus calls gladiators to the uprising. They answer it the oath of faithfulness. After throwing out fetters, Spartacus and gladiators escape from Rome.

Action II

picture 5
the Appian Way on the Appian Way to "spartakovtsam" they are joined herdsmen. Dream about the freedom and hatred for the servitude unites all. People proclaims Spartacus the leader of those risen. Spartacusís monologue all thoughts of Spartacus are directed to Frigii.
picture 6
villa of Crassus the searches For frigii bring Spartacus to the villa of Crassus. Happiness of the encounter of enamored ones is great. But them it is necessary to be hidden - to the villa napravletsya the procession of patricians headed by Eginoy. The monologue Of eginy it has long ago zhazhdet to obolístití and to podchinití to itself Crassus. It should conquer it and lawfully enter into the peace of Roman to znati.
picture 7
feast in Crassus Crassus celebrates its victories. Patricians glorify it. But troops of Spartacus surround palace. Guests scatter. They run in the fear and Crassus from Eginoy.Spartak is dug in to the villa. Spartacusís monologue he perepolnen by happiness of victory.
picture 8
victory of Spartacus Crassus is taken prisoner to the gladiators. But Spartacus does not want violence. He proposes to Crassus in the open honest duel to solve his fate. Crassus accepts the call, but suffers defeat. Spartacus chases it away - let they learn everything about his disgrace. The rejoicing rebels glorify Spartacusís victory.

Action III

picture 9 vengeance of Crassus Egina attempts to move courage into Crassus. Uprising must be depressed. Crassus gathers legionaries. Egina admonishes it. The monologue Of eginy for it Spartacus - also enemy, since the defeat of Crassus promises loss and by it egina plans insidious plan - to opseyatí discord in the camp of those risen.
picture 10
Spartacusís camp Spartacus is happy with The the frigiyey. But news about the new march of Crassus is brought down by sudden misfortune. Spartacus proposes to accept battle. But many of his military leaders manifest weakness and they leave their leader. Spartacusís monologue Spartacus predchuvstvuyet tragic end. But the freedom above in all. And for it it is ready to return its life.
picture 11
decomposition after selecting to the been afraid of gladiators, who still could be joined to Spartacus, Egina together with the courtesans tempts them and entices into the trap, betraying into the hands of the forces of Crassus. The monologue of Crassus Crassus is filled the thirst of vengeance. To it it is not enough to gain victory. Its Spartacusís loss is necessary to it humbled.
picture 12
last battle legionaries surround troops of Spartacus. In the neravnom battle perish its friends and it itself. Spartacus battles to the last sigh.

Frigiya finds Spartacusís body. It oplakivayet its, complete of the faith in the immortality of its exploit.


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