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Saint-Petersburg Theatres | The Mariinsky (Kirov Ballet) Theatre playbill | Iolanta

The Mariinsky (Kirov Ballet) Theatre


In the of France there is a castle of Provence’s king Renet. Here lives a young king’s daughter Iolanta. She is blind from birth but she doesn’t know about it. The king ordered that the awful secret should be thoroughly kept and no stranger dares to come to the castle under the fear of death. In her happy ignorance Iolanta spends her days light-heartedly among her friends.The king invites a famous Mavritan doctor. He waits for his answer anxiously. The doctor says that the recovery is possible but only if Iolanta learns about her misfortune. Only if she longs for regaining her sight the healing will help. But the king remains inexorable.
Occasionally two knights come to the garden. They are Robert and Vodemon. Robert was engaged to Iolanta in his childhood but he has never seen her and doesn’t know that she is blind. As Vodemon comes to the terrace he sees sleeping Iolanta. Her innocently beautiful image charms the young knight. His unintentional exclamation of admire wakes her. Excitement of the young knight compels Iolanta’s heart answer. She is perturbed and excited with the dawning feeling. When they say goodbye to each other Vodemon asks her to give him a red rose. Iolanta gives him a white one. In horror the knight is convinced of the fact that the girl is blind. Sympathizing her he tells her about how beautiful the world is. Iolanta listens to him in ecstasies. The king appears. Having learned that the stranger has revealed the secret of the light to Iolanta, he becomes annoyed but the doctor calms him. Now the way to recovery is opened and only the great desire to regain her sight is needed. The king guesses about love between young people and pretends to kill him if Iolanta can’t see. For the rescuing of her beloved Iolanta is ready to bear all pangs. The healing is successful. In surprise and excitement of her fist glance at the world Iolanta recognizes her father her friends and Vodemon who will protect her now.

Theatre address: Theatralnaya sq., 1
Show begins at 7 p.m.
Duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes, 4 acts
Performed in Russian

Music by P.I.Tchaikovsky
Libretto by P.I.Tchaikovsky


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