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Saint-Petersburg Theatres | The Mariinsky (Kirov Ballet) Theatre playbill | La forza del Destino

The Mariinsky (Kirov Ballet) Theatre
La forza del Destino


Young Leonora daughter of marquise Kalatrava loves Alvaro tenderly and is loved by him ardently. The arrogant Spanish nobleman is strongly against his daughter’s marriage with lowborn metis. The brave girl decides to leave native house secretly. Everything is ready but the young couple is suddenly captured by the old marquise. He has learnt about their plans and hurries to his daughter’s room with his servants. Angry Kalatrava orders to arrest the metis. Alvaro takes his gun to defend himself and aim it at servants. They turn back in fear. Realizing that there is no danger the young man throws his gun and wants to solve the problem peacefully but as the gun falls it shoots and the old man is wounded mortally. Unwillingly Alvaro becomes a killer. He listens with horror to a dying man cursing his daughter. It is necessary to leave the castle quickly - Alvaro and Leonora run away. But this awful night escaping the persecution they lose each other.
Leonora comes to a lonely monastery in the mountains. She tells her secret to abbot and asks him take her inside. She thinks that Alvaro has forgotten her and returned to his motherland Peru.
After a long and unsuccessful search Alvaro decides that his beloved is dead. He goes to the military service to find rescue from the tiresome life on the battlefield. Soon desperate courage and disregard of death bring him the fame of a brave warrior. Captain Guerero - this is his new name – is one of the best officers in the army. In one battle he saves an officer captured by enemy patrol. This is Carlos who fights veiling his name. Mortal enemies, as they haven’t recognized each other, give an oath of eternal friendship.
In one of the battles Alvaro is wounded badly. He needs a dangerous operation. He doesn’t believe in a good result and gives his last will to his friend. He wants him to burn his letters. Occasionally Carlos drops a pile of letters and a portrait of Leonora Falls from it. From this moment Carlos has only one wish – to take revenge on hated metis, to kill him.
Recovered Alvaro appears on the market place. Don Carlos comes to him and challenges him to a duel. Alvaro tries to explain that he is not guilty of marquise’s death. Carlos doesn’t even want to listen to him. He starts insulting his sister, Alvaro defends her honour. The duel begins. The guard appears and stops them.
Alvaro breaks his sword. He is going to a monastery and there he will find peace and forgetfulness in loneliness.
But even there he can’t find any rest. At last Don Carlos reveals the place where he lives and makes him receive his challenge.
A lonely hut of a hermit stands among the rocks. Here far from the people Leonora spends her days. Suddenly the voices are heard. The girl is frightened and hides in the hut. Alvaro appears. He has wounded Don Carlos mortally and came to ask the hermit to forgive his sins. The door opens and Leonora comes out. The lovers recognize each other. Leonora is happy but Alvaro is gloomy. He is her brother’s murderer. Leonora rushes to dying Carlos. The strikes of doom appear to be unbearable for her and she dies.

Theatre address: Theatralnaya sq., 1
Show begins at 7 p.m.
Duration: 3 hours, 4 acts

Music by G.Verdi
Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave based on the drama
"Don Alvaro, o La fuerza del sino" by Angel de Saavedra


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