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About Saint-Petersburg | Saint-Petersburg. Location

Saint-Petersburg. Location

St.Petersburg is the northernmost major city of the world. It is located at 5957' Latitude North, that
passes roughly across the South of Alaska and Greenland. Stockholm, Oslo, and Helsinki can boast of being at the same
latitude. Warm Gulfstreem seriously influences all these cities. There are no large cities at this latitude, as well as the
latitudes close to it in the Western Hemisphere. Pulkovo Meridian 3019' (Longitude East), passes through
St.Petersburg as well as through Istanbul, but none of these cities can be compared to St.Petersburg in climate or nature.

Due to the city's northern position it enjoys the phenomenon of the "White nights" , lasting from May
25-26 till July 16-17. July 22, the Solstice Day is the longest day (18 hours 53 minutes). The sun hardly hides behind the
horizon, and you cannot find even the brightest stars in the night sky. The shortest day is December 22 (5 hours 52

St.Petersburg is located at the mouth of the Neva River, and across the islands of its delta on the coast
of the Finnish Gulf of the Baltic Sea. Its nearest suburbs are situated on the lowland adjacent to the
Neva River, and along the Gulf. In spite of the general lowland nature of the site, the relief of the suburbs shows
diversity. Izhora eminence is to the South of the city, and hilly Karelia Isthmus with Vuoksa lake land is located to the

The Neva River is the city's main waterway. The name of the river derives from the ancient name of Lake Ladoga, the Neva
where it begins. The Neva is 74 kilometers long, flowing 32 kilometers within the city boundaries. The average width of the
Neva within the city is 600 meters, depth - up to 24 meters. In the delta, the Neva splits into three main branches: the
Bolshaya Neva, the Malaya Neva and the Bolshaya Nevka.
The city is advantageously located at the sea routes and on land roads (12 radii of railroads and 11 highways). This is
the European gateway of Russia, it's a strategic center, which is closest to the European Union countries of Russia, and
it's a strategic center, which is closest to the European Union countries.

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