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About Saint-Petersburg | Restaurants, cafes, bars

Restaurants, cafes, bars

There's a great choice of places to eat in St. Petersburg: you can find great authentic caucasian and georgian food restaunts, craftfully designed Russian restaurants serving the most delicious Russian food, trendy chill-out cafes, and budget original fast-food places.
A speciality of St. Petersburg is "bliny" ? traditional tasty pancakes usually served with a filling (home-made jam, cottage cheese).
Usually, a meal in a good restaurant costs about - per person, while it's very easy to find more "budget" places, where one can eat for -. Many restaurants work 24 hours. Below we list our favourite places to eat and chill out in St. Petersburg:
Russian Food Restaurants: A selection of the best authentic Russian (and Ukrainian) food restaurants.

Cafes & Chill-Out Restaurants: Trendy restaurants great for an evening out and nice cafes.

Pancake Cafes & Quality Fastfood: Russian fastfood chains, most of them opened 24 hours and pancake cafes.

Ethnic Cuisines: St. Petersburg is famous for its exquisite Caucasian and Georgian restaurants. Also in this list: Italian, Brazilian, Mexican food restaurants.

Vegeterian: A list of vegeterian cafes and restaurants located in St. Petersburg center.

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