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About Saint-Petersburg | Facts


Territory: As of 2003 the territory of the city is 606 (377 sq mi) square kilometers, and 1 439 square kilometers (894 sq mi) with the suburbs. The length of the city from North to South is 44 kilometers, and 25 kilometers from West to East.

Highest elevation: 42 meters above the sea level (Poklonnaya Gora)

Distance to the nearest cities:

  • Tallinn - 330 km;
  • Helsinki - 383 km;
  • Stockholm - 710 km;
  • Moscow - 650 km.

Neighbouring countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark (The Baltic Sea Region).

Neighbouring Russian regions: Leningrad Oblast, Novgorod Oblast, Vologda Oblast, Pskov Oblast, Kaliningrad Oblast and Republic of Karelia.

Population: According to the last census that took place in 2003, there are 4.7 mln people in
St.Petersburg (which makes approximately 3% of the Russian population). Gender distribution: men - 45.1%, women - 54.9%.

Ethnic: Russians, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Moldavian, Tatar, Jews, Karelian, Azerbaidzhanian and Gypsies.

Resources: Fresh surface waters and underground waters. The surface fresh waters are concentrated in the columbine of the water system "Lake Ladoga - the Neva River - the Neva Inlet - the Gulf of Finland". On the territory of the city and its environs there are sand and gravel quarries, pebble stones, sands, clays, sandstone, loamy soils, as well as peat (the resources make approximately 17.5 bin m3 of raw peat which is the equivalent of about 2 bin tons of dried peat).

Islands: The city is located on 44 islands formed by the Neva River and 90 more rivers and canals.

Bridges: The abundance of islands has led to the construction of a multitude of bridges. Of these,
nowadays there are 308 within the city proper, and 534 if suburbs are included. 22 of the bridges are drawbridges. The total length of all the bridges is about 16 kilometers. The longest bridge across the Neva is the Alexander Nevsky Bridge (909 meters with runways), the widest bridge is the Siniy Bridge on the Moika River (99.5 meters).

Language: Russian

Religions: Predominantly Russian Orthodox, Islamic, Buddhism, Jewish concessions, Catholic and Baptist Church.

Voltage Requirements: 220 volts

Time Zone: 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. Daylight Saving Time is observed March-October.

Airport Departure Tax: None

Telephone Code: 7, country code; 812, St.Petersburg city code

Tipping: Tip 10%-15% in restaurants and hotels. Taxi drivers aren't usually tipped.

Nicknames of the city:

  • "The Venice of the North" (referring to St.Petersburg's many rivers and canals);
  • "The Palmyra of the North" (referring to architecture of St.Petersburg and harmony of the city and its rivers and
  • "The Northern Capital of Russia" (referring to the centuries-old rivalry between St.Petersburg and Moscow);
  • "Cultural Capital of Russia";
  • "The Babylon of the Snows";
  • "The Window on the West";
  • "The Window into Europe";
  • "Russia's Crown Jewel";
  • "The Cradle of the Revolution"

Symbols of the city:

  • the Angel with a Cross (weather-vane on top of the Peter and Paul Cathedral);
  • the Little Ship (Korablik), weather-vane on top of the Admiralty tower;
  • drawbridges
  • White Nights

The Seal: A sea anchor and a river anchor with a scepter - a symbol of royal power - on a red field.

Local government: The Governor and the Governor's Office, The Legislative Assembly.

Zoning: 20 administrative districts, including satellite towns under St.Petersburg's jurisdiction.

Saint Petersburs Russia photos

Saint Petersburs Russia photos

Saint Petersburs Russia photos
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